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Start Strong Finish Stronger Basketball Club has grown from 1 team in 2017 to 9 teams in 2019

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Thank you for visiting Start Strong Finish Stronger Basketball Club (SSFSBC). Established in 2016, we teach and motivate young athletes in the metro area to not only start strong, but finish stronger! We also encourage a balance between basketball and other interests. 

SSFSBC's dedicated coaching staff has many years of playing and coaching experience. When combined with their passion for the game, our AAU teams compete at a high level.

Through our charitable status 501 c(3), SSFSBC conducts affordable basketball camps throughout the year, providing an opportunity for youth of all ability levels to develop their basketball skills in a fun and friendly team setting. 

Start Strong's Andie Brisk led all 6th grade top division players in scoring at three 2019 AAU tournaments, including the AAU State Championships. CONGRATS, ANDIE!



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